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Win With Jack & Apple and Jack & Cola

Memories are often made with friends and Jack Daniel’s, the iconic slow-sippin’ whiskey from Tennessee. Jack Daniel’s spirit coolers are another reason to tip your hat to Jack and set out to make memories and mark moments that count with him by your side.

The refreshing Jack Daniel’s spirit coolers are made with real Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and created to be enjoyed whenever the moment to be bold arises. Available in a classic Jack & Cola, or a crisp Jack & Apple, they can be enjoyed with friends on the go while walking in nature, or while sitting around a bonfire sharing memories.

Jack & Cola

Jack & Cola combines the iconic flavours of two liquid legends – the bold distinct taste of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and just the right amount of refreshing Cola. Perfectly mixed, this is a true classic fit for any occasion.

Jack & Apple

Boasting the unmatched quality of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with a taste of apple, this mix is distinctly refreshing and unmistakably Jack to the core. A crisp taste with a one-of-a-kind flavour that stays true to the innovative spirit of Mr. Jack.

Jack Daniel’s commitment to making moments count isn’t going anywhere, so we’re giving summer a last nod with a bottle in hand and a smile on our faces. Making it count isn’t a symbol of a season, it isn’t just a moment in time; making it count is a way of life and a commitment to living boldly and with purpose, just like Jack lived his life.

To stand a chance of winning a Jack Daniel’s Jack & Cola and Jack & Apple hamper, simply like the competition post on our social media, share it with a friend and remember to always Make It Count.

For more information on Jack Daniel’s, please head to the website, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Jack & Cola and Jack & Apple are subject to availability and while stocks last.

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NB: Your friends at Jack Daniel’s remind you to drink responsibly.

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