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Trending Bedroom Decor For 2023

It’s a brand-new year and with it brings the opportunity to welcome in the 2023 trends in bedroom décor, with fresh new colours, inspired designs and repurposed style favourites to start the year off with an updated look that will transform any bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation, comfort and glamour.

Since the bedroom is the place people go to rest and retreat from the day’s activities and challenges, it’s essential that it provides visual pleasure, tactile comfort, and an overall experience of delight, peace and harmony. This can be created in so many ways, and the 2023 colour palette and style trends lend themselves perfectly to achieving exactly that.

Spa-like ambiance

The first trend for the year is to create a spa-like ambiance using a neutral colour scheme with quality linens, as well as candles, diffusers and indoor plants. Remove all clutter to accentuate the minimalist feel. Functionality, simplicity, and a concern for wellbeing take priority.

ZOEY Online, a family run business that has been creating quality furniture for three generations, recently launched a new colour palette in three of their collections.

Zuhaira Hoosen, Business Manager at Zoey Online, says, “We have also introduced the ‘Colour of Summer’ range, a sandy hue that was inspired by the colour of beach sand. This is the perfect shade to use as the foundation for a spa-themed bedroom.” 

Art Deco makes a comeback

Art Deco has also made a comeback. For this theme, start with a canvas of muted tones such as beige or grey, and bring these to life with gold, sapphire and emerald.

ZOEY Online’s Zarra Collection of brand-new headboards in these tones are well suited to this style trend. Their velvet fabric also adds to the feeling of luxury. For a classic art deco theme, make a statement with geometric patterns and balance them with curved shapes.

Also newly launched in the Zarra range are Burnt Orange, Baby Blue, Lilac, Cerise Pink and Cream. “These vibrant colours are all on trend for 2023,” says Hoosen, “and were introduced to broaden the design possibilities we already have on offer. The brighter shades will also work excellently in kiddies’ and tweens’ rooms, as well as in more maximalist homes.”

Comfort and ergonomics

A bedroom should be a relaxing retreat from the busyness of day-to-day life, so comfort and ergonomics are a big trend for 2023. Mattresses, rugs, accent chairs and throw cushions should maximise comfort when we see and touch them.

Include fluffy pillows, plush linen and soft yet practical lighting. ZOEY’s velvety headboard coverings complement this style trend well.

Pops of colour and accent walls

Mixing and matching bold colours and patterns is another favourite for 2023. Use single patterns or experiment with multiple patterns and colours. Printed bedding as well as wallpaper with a strong motif and a patterned rug can all add to this highly personalised style choice.

Accent walls are definitely in vogue. They can be created using wooden panels, wallpaper, murals or fabrics. It’s also popular to match an accent wall with the headboard, as the accent wall makes the headboard look taller, thereby creating the impression of opulence.

Pops of colour delight the senses, add an element of surprise, display personality, and are easy additions to restyle a room. Matching them with the colours or patterns on the accent wall can really pull the room together.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are on trend for this year, too, and are a stylish alternative to the traditional bedside lamp.

Low-hanging pendant lights create a sense of opulence, especially when paired with upholstered headboards and pedestals, or accent walls. They also free up surface space on the pedestals. So, whether simple or ornate, they bring a certain touch of glamour to the room.

Black is back

One more comeback and favourite for this year is the colour black. It can be used on the ceiling, or in rugs, curtains, furniture or headboards. White is not the only neutral colour. In fact, black gives one the perfect opportunity to add pops of bold colour, tasteful designs and elegant textures.

“ZOEY Online’s new Black Zen headboard and pedestals turn a bed into a powerful focal point in the room, and can be further enhanced with sophisticated lighting and almost any accent colour,” says Hoosen.

Within any bedroom, one element stands out – the bed. After all, it’s the defining feature of the space. Thus, its look can influence the entire room’s ambiance. Luckily, there are many gorgeous options to pour over.

“Our homes are our sanctuaries, where we can be ourselves and choose to decorate them to reflect what we love. While trends are useful as a guideline to follow, designing a home is more about expressing ourselves and loving every piece we choose to incorporate into it,” Hoosen concludes.

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