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Thoughtonomy: The Perfect Post-COVID Tonic

If you are fundamentally unhappy with any aspect of your life right now, are low on self-confidence, or you’re frustrated because you know that you deserve so much more from this life, but you have no idea how to take that first step towards change, then Thoughtonomy, the first book authored by entrepreneur, business coach and public speaker, Grant Gavin, is for you.

“What if all the thoughts and beliefs that define your behaviours were not even yours to begin with?” asks the author and owner of Durban-based RE/MAX Panache, one of the most successful franchises within South Africa’s largest residential real estate group.

The message in the book is clear – everything in your life begins and ends with you. It’s your behaviours that impact all of the outcomes in your life, both positive and negative, and this behaviour is defined by your conditioned thoughts and beliefs.  What if these thoughts and beliefs are fundamentally outdated for the modern world you live in, and are no longer serving you well? 

The lessons that are presented in a down-to-earth, relatable, and authentic way, apply to everything from entrepreneurship, business and management to relationships, parenting, family life and personal development.

A personal journey and four step programme

Gavin draws on inspirational, often emotional, story-telling as well as his own personal experiences of starting out his journey as a young business owner with zero confidence in his abilities.

“If I could live my life over again, I would want to do it more confidently. I have the same relatable life story as you, and like you, I have doubted myself every step of the way. I think that when you read the book, you will see a version of yourself in every story,” he says. 

The first part of Thoughtonomy unpacks how the conditioned thinking that defines your behaviour may not even be yours to begin with, and has the reader questioning the origin of many of their strongly-held beliefs about themselves and the world around them.

This is followed by a simple four step programme designed to empower the reader to take back control of their thoughts and emotions, and ultimately, their level of happiness and fulfilment in life.  

Perfect timing

Gavin agrees that the book is being released at an important time for South Africans who are negotiating the Covid recovery as well as weathering political and economic challenges.

“Covid brought about a massive shift in humanity. There was no rule book. We were all experiencing the same difficult event together – and everyone had a different experience. What I have seen is that more people are now open to asking for help. We’ve all shifted in so many ways but, on the whole, people have come back towards themselves and are asking what they are actually doing with their lives.

“You can look back and say it was a disastrous time, but it was also a cleansing shift for the whole world to ask, collectively, what have we done and what are we going to do from now onwards?” he concludes.

Grant Gavin’s book, Thoughtonomy, is available from the RE/MAX Panache offices in Glenashley as well as via the Thoughtonomy website for R225.

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