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The Suit Maketh The Man

Q:  What are the 2020 wedding trends/ideas for men for 2020 that you will be incorporating into your collection?

A: We are looking at double-breasted suits, classic bespoke, African bespoke, formal, bright colours, internal stylings like colourful linings and interesting detail. We make specific, bespoke prints for the inside of your suits – we print the fabric for you. 

Q: What are the most important things for a man to consider when choosing a wedding suit?

Show a bit of style personality on your big day – stir up the good old classic black suit and white shirt. Inject a bit of colour, pattern, texture and detail into the most important suit of your life. We chatted to Johannesburg based bespoke suit designer Raphael Mukendi about suit trends and how to make sure your suit is the slick and tailormade.

A: Most importnt is colour, style and fabrics. How the suit is going to fit him ,all colours that suit him and and how re-wearable the suit is after the wedding.

Q: How do you

incorporate modern and traditional African styles when asked to do so?

A:  We try to do classic traditional African print on the jacket lapel and some detail on the trousers and pockets. Alternatively, we can do a full African pattern on the jacket or even full suit.  

Q: What are the crucial accessories a groom needs to finish off the perfect wedding look?

A: Pocket square, bowties, tie, pocket pins, cufflinks, tiepin, shirt pins. Do engraving on cufflinks, pocket square mix with African prints, ties, bowties etc

Q: What are the common mistakes men make when buying suits?

A: Size places a big role when making a bespoke suit. One must always consider that the body shape and desired style do not always go together, so we work around this to give you the best possible option for your body. 

Contact Raphael Mukendi for a consultation on 073 717 8309 or visit 13 6th St, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg. 

Author: Dominique Wolf

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