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The Best Room In The House

The family bathroom is a place where the daily rush and romance meet. Here, Geberit offers tips for making sure everything works together.

Flickering candles and rose petals scattered around. The scents are seductive and soothing sounds fill the room. Finally, it’s time to switch off and relax … But enough of all that! Yesterday evening’s candlelight and roses is now a distant memory.

This morning, everything is back to normal. It’s time to get ready for a day at the office, school or kindergarten. Just after seven, and the whole family is squashed together in the bathroom like sardines – just like every morning.

Sometimes an oasis of well-being, sometimes a bustling family hub – the bathroom has to meet varying demands (and sometimes almost at the same time). This can be achieved with clever design.

Everything is a question of good planning and using the storage space to its full potential. The trick is to fill the bathroom furniture in such a way that everything is in the right place and can be accessed quickly.

· The mirror cabinet is the ideal place for the most regularly used items, such as toothbrushes, deodorant and cosmetics.

· Ideally, the washbasin cabinet can be used to store everything else needed in the bathroom. In addition to hairbrushes and the hairdryer, it is also used as a place for keeping everything from bubble bath to towels. More space can also be created by adding a low or tall cabinet.

To sum up: Good organisation of the available storage space means you don’t need to worry about chaos in the family bathroom every morning – and can look forward to relaxing moments instead.

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