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LeanOnMe Awareness Campaign To Showcase Local Talent

The LeanOnMe awareness campaign against the abuse/misuse of codeine is hosting an art, sport, and recreational fun day with the purpose of giving local youths an opportunity to showcase their talent.

This is in an attempt to encourage local youth to rather lean on their talent when in need of an escape rather than being tempted to lean on the substance lean (codeine and soft drink mix).

At the heart of this initiative is ensuring that the students believe in themselves, and love themselves enough to lean on their abilities, talents, and all that they can achieve with a sober mind, as opposed to relying on drugs.

The campaign’s approach to communities, media platforms and social media, will teach the youth about the consequences they will have to live with when abusing drugs, in order for them to make informed decisions.

Ideally it will discourage the use of drugs and promote leaning on their talents and other avenues that they should aspire towards through a sober mind.

The Fun Day will be held at Patterson Park in Norwood from 9 till 3 pm on Friday, 25 March.

For further information visit www.leanonme.org.za for information about #LeanOnMe.

If you or a loved one is battling with a lean addiction contact SANCA on  011 892 3829 or send a message on Whatsapp at 076 535 1701.

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