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Investec Cape Town Art Fair Crosses Two Continents

The Investec Cape Town Art Fair is partnering with the Milan based miart international modern and contemporary art fair for an all-digital event set to take place during Milan Art week.

The collaboration will run from 17 – 19 September 2021 and it will provide a unique opportunity for VIPs, galleries and visitors to access a much broader audience.  

Under the theme “Connect through art from Africa to the world”, The Investec Cape Town Art Fair Digital Event will feature local and international galleries.

WORLDART_Buhle Nkalashe_Through the night_Mixed media on canvas_84x100cm

An Online Art Fair Revolution

Throughout the pandemic, art and technology have fused as channels of communication have shifted online. Applications like Zoom, Google Chat or in this case Artshell have facilitated the discourse.

With physical events cancelled globally, the art world accelerated its move online placing collaborative consumption centre stage. This has encouraged a welcome shift in visibility and opportunity for galleries to control their own narrative and to access a whole new set of collectors.

As the largest annual event of its kind on the African continentInvestec Cape Town Art Fair has remained dedicated to supporting the industry, and to presenting contemporary art from a diverse range of established and new artists globally.

EBONY CURATED – Feni Chulumanco, Imbeko (Respect) Acrylic on Canvas, 120cm x 150cm

A Hybrid Fair On The Horizon

Investec Cape Town Art Fair Director Laura Vincenti elaborates: “There is a transformation happening in the art world. The first Investec Cape Town Art Fair Digital Event gives us an opportunity to support and showcase South African artists whilst continuing to connect with international galleries, businesses, media and creatives.

“While we still firmly believe that a digital event cannot replace the transformative nature of an in-person art experience, the digital event has accelerated our commitment to providing the best service to our stakeholders”.

The event is free of charge. To register and attend, all that is required is an online sign-up with Artshell via web or App to access.

A hybrid fair that will comprise an in-person and digital event, running from 18-20 February 2022, will return to the Cape Town International Convention Centre next year for the ninth edition.  

For more information and updates on how to register, follow Investec Cape Town Art Fair on Twitter @ictartfair, Instagram @investeccapetownartfair and Facebook @ICTArtFair. Use the hashtag #ICTAFDigitalEvent.

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