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Five Proven Benefits of Travel

Travel has often been seen as a luxury or an experience for those adventurous few who enjoy discovering new destinations, but did you know travelling could save your life? Not only is it good for the soul, but it has some real tangible benefits too.

It’s time to tally up those unused leave days and enjoy these five benefits of travel shared by Francois Swart, Priority Escapes’ Managing Director.

Travel can save your life

Booking a much-needed break has never been more appealing, especially now that it is scientifically proven to help you live longer. The Framingham heart study, one of the longest-running heart disease studies, has proven that men who take frequent holidays are 32% less likely to die from a heart attack. On the opposite side of the coin, women who go on holiday twice a year are eight times less likely to suffer from a similar cardiac event.

Travel is a proven stressbuster

Breaking your daily routine is highly encouraged, so when 900 attorneys were monitored after taking time off, they naturally showed lower stress levels. This long-lasting effect was proven by a Vienna study that found that professionals who go on holiday had a decrease in stress-related complaints and various kinds of aches and pains. That relief lasted at least five weeks after returning to work.

Travelling not only improves your stress levels but assists with your sleep patterns and reaction times. Not to mention that it is a great tool to help you bond with the people you are travelling with – that is, if you can find it in yourself to put your phone down. Yes, really – doctor’s orders. Step away from the phone.

Traveling promotes productivity

When you’re happier, you enjoy what you do, and you’re more productive, but your last holiday also had a role to play in this! Ernst Young conducted an internal survey that found employees who took additional vacation time returned and did almost 10% better in their end year review. This also applies to small business owners who experience over 50% increase in performance after returning from holiday, so one size does fit all, in this case.

Travel helps professional and educational development

Travelling abroad benefits you over and above improved brain capacity as you learn words from different languages. You gain a practical type of education that teaches social and communication skills and develops cultural sensitivity and understanding. Travel has also been seen to improve time management, planning and organisational skills. The bonus of being able to easily navigate a global community makes you an asset to any employer.

The adage that travel broadens your mind – is a fact, not fiction.

Travel decreases your anxiety levels

Taking a step back from the demands of corporate South Africa to look after your mental health is always needed, but did you know that going on holiday helps with symptoms of depression? People who travel have more life satisfaction and find more meaning in their lives while showing an increase in positive emotions. Travel deals have never looked better with all those endorphins and serotonin bouncing through your body.

It’s normal to feel some form of anxiety and guilt for going on vacation, but you must enjoy your time off to reap the benefits. It is widely believed that it takes your body a full seven days to relax and unwind before you see any benefits from your “vacay”. You’ve worked so hard to earn your days off, so enjoy them on a beach in the Maldives!

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