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Drive Off With The Everest

Built with your needs in mind, the Ford Everest Limited doesn’t compromise on safety and comfortability.

What do you do when the brand itself says take the car for a spin and not just a 15-minute drive around the block but a whole week’s worth of a drive? I’ll tell you, you take the keys, pack a bag and drive!

September was the start of the new season representing new beginnings and most importantly, my birthday month, which started off well. Ford had allowed me to drive the Ford Everest for a week.

This was for me to go to… well, go wherever I wanted to go. The Everest isn’t built for everyday busy routes, in fact, driving around the north of Johannesburg was a total disaster. You will be robbing yourself of the full experience of this car. The best thing to do is to take a drive out of the suburban areas.

Smart features

The Ford Everest is a five to seven-seater SUV, suitable for all your family needs and if you don’t have a big family, fine, a friend group trip is also accommodated.

With the latest technology features in this car, there’s no need to put in a key to have it start, simply press the push-button start and you’re all set to go. Its dual-panel moonroof is a dream for content creators and random people who just like to take pictures, people like me.

Other features

Ford Everest, among with other features has cruise control, a blind spot detection system (BLIS) and lane-departure warning (LDW) with lane-keeping aid (LKA). This is my favourite as its ability keeps you on your late should you try switching lanes without indicating your plans. It’s like having the car drive itself, what more can you ask for?

You’ll also find the usual such as park assist with parking sensors and a rear parking camera. The Everest has dual electronic automatic temperature control (DEATC), allowing passengers at the back to have control as well. For safety, it has child-seat anchors, seven airbags and Thatcham alarm.

As we drove around Mpumalanga, taking in the beautiful landscape and open roads, we opened the dual panel moonroof and started taking pictures and videos of what was ahead – of course, someone else was driving while I did all that.

Safety first! At first, I wasn’t convinced about this technique of taking images but it works. Ford must just claim it as one of their moonroof offerings.

You never worry about car accidents when driving the Everest. It’s too big, other cars wouldn’t risk it. That’s a lie, the Ford Everest Limited come with a pre-collision assist that also predicts pedestrian movements.

With this, as we drove downhill, we’d feel the car slow itself down. Because the Ford Everest is built for adventure, it comes with a terrain management system, which allows you to change the car modes to maximise traction and stability on muddy roads, grass, sand or tar roads.

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