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Defying the Ordinary

Motobatsi Holdings, headed up by Dintle Ramawa, Motheo Mosiya and Meshack Mosiya, was no newcomer to township economies and their consumer landscape. This made them the obvious choice for Defy, given their understanding of what the up and coming Sowetan consumer wants. This saw the birth of the Defy Soweto store, a subsidiary of Motobatsi Holdings.

After a comprehensive consultation and market research process, Motobatsi and Defy agreed that the new store needed to be located in an area with a lot of foot traffic where shoppers could have easy access to the store. Motobatsi found the ideal location, Blackchain Centre, also known as Bara Square. The mall was located in the same precinct as the Bara taxi rank, one of the largest commuter transfer stations in South Africa.

Defy Soweto was launched on 1 November 2019, just before the festive season, and it was no ordinary store. Although an appliance shop, it was designed to be world-class in its look and feel. The upscale showroom was specifically designed to not only showcase Defy’s extensive range of large and small appliances, it did so alongside a fully-functioning, state-of-the-art kitchen.

Although impossible to measure, township economies could be valued at around R100 billion according to CEO of EntBanc Group, Vuyo Tofile, who gave this figure back in 2018. They are also home to nearly half of South Africa’s urban population. This makes them a logical place to set up a business.

The stores kitchen, which would be the envy of any homeowner, is stocked with the latest Defy equipment including a gas hob and double oven, a large fridge, microwave and dishwasher, and smaller appliances like kettles, toasters, blenders, coffee machines and pressure cookers. All of these appliances are available for consumers to look at, feel and get a sense of what the Defy brand can offer to enhance their lifestyles.

Motobatsi, with their extensive experience in the entertainment industry, were mandated with making this store something special. To do this, they ensured that the store not only offers value-for-money pricing and regular discounts on items, but it also hosts regular special events and appliance demonstrations. Taking it one step further, the store is becoming renowned for its cooking demonstrations hosted by celebrity chefs who use the Defy appliances available for sale.

Motobatsi, given this opportunity by one of South Africa’s favourite brands, has turned the ordinary into something rather spectacular.

Author: Gaye Crossley

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