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Zanzibar – An Investors Paradise

Zanzibar is on track to join the likes of Mauritius, Dubai, and Singapore as an investors paradise as the government continues to introduce measures...


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Without A Will: What Happens To Your Home When You Die?

The 13-17th September is National Wills Week in South Africa and legal practitioners are calling on South Africans to make sure they have a...

The Rise of Rum


Canon SA Launches Academy For Amateur Photographers

Canon SA recently announced the launch of the Canon Academy, a programme dedicated to empowering South Africans through photography. The academy offers photography workshops and learning...
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Afro Wheels

BMW 135i M

In the BMW world, the 1 Series is the starter kit – the gateway drug that gets you hooked on Bavarian products. The 135i M, though, is anything but a starter car – it is a muscle car in a hatchback body.

Suzuki Brezza

Suzuki is on a roll, there’s no doubt about it. They manage to produce cars that are reliable, good value, attractive (mostly!) and even fun to drive, and they have had some incredible sales hits lately.

Toyota Corolla XR

Every single person reading this knows exactly what a Corolla is: it’s Toyota’s mid-size sedan, which has sold around 50 million units since it was launched and is a firm South African favourite. But this Corolla is different from the rest...

Kia Seltos CRDI EX+

WHAT IS IT? Much like just about every other vehicle manufacturer these days, Kia has embraced the SUV and now has three players in the field – Seltos, Sportage and Sorento.

Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost

WHAT IS IT? The Ford Mustang is the original muscle car – a car engineered to be fast and make a lot of noise. The Mustang pictured is the sixth generation, and it is the


Returning To Business Travel

Travel is finally opening up, but many people are yet to hit the road for their first business trip. “It’ll feel a little strange. And...


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